January 24, 2016

We are one more game away from the Super Bowl. There are three, first round pick quarterbacks competing in the Championship games and then some other 6th round hack, called Tom Brady. The scene is set for an incredible penultimate weekend!


Brady is taking his Patriots and defending World Champions into Denver to take on Peyton Manning and the Broncos for the 17th and most likely, last time. All of America wants Manning to prolong his great career by one more week and finish in Santa Clara and Super Bowl 50. 


Brady may be getting all his star players back to health, but I think emotion is worth a few points and one of these points will take Denver to Levis Stadium with a 24-23 victory. 


The Arizona Cardinals travel to Carolina. Carson Palmer tried as hard as possible to keep his playoff record as no wins, but alas he teammate, Larry Fitzgerald decided to ruin this and was explosive last week. Palmer needs to regain his composure, otherwise a Panthers defense will demolish him. Carolina put the most impressive 30 minutes of football seen all season, together last week and this was followed by almost losing in the ensuing 30 minutes. If they turn up for 60 minutes there will be no kryptonite for Cam and they should win. 27-20.


I've learnt to expect the unexpected over this playoff period so who knows what will happen with these two games?! 


Will Mary hail again? 


Will fumble-itis strike?


Will a coach pull a player’s locks?


I almost expect the goal posts to fall down, balls to inflate or deflate themselves or a koala to wander across the field.


Enjoy the Championship games.

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