August 28, 2015

One of the hottest names in the football world right now, doesn’t rhyme with Plane, it’s in fact, Tom Wright.


Wright is the 18 year old who has just signed with Manly for three years and I couldn’t be happier for him.



Tommy actually cut his teeth learning to play touch footy with the infamous Ratpack, arguably Sydney’s greatest and most successful touch football team with a decade of success. The captain and coach of this incredible team; hardly surprising, me.


Early reports suggest he may be partnering DCE in the halves and the ARU and many other NRL clubs are disappointed not to have the signature of this young adult.


Apart from the pride the entire Ratpack team has for Wright I feel I have been more inspirational than my other team mates and taught him more lessons. In short, I have taught him how not to try and catch a ball and how not to play the ball. Everyone needs a role model on how not to play sport and I have provided this!


My big concern for Tom is how Manly is run. My old client Scott Penn is in charge down there. Penn has nothing on the seamless way the Ratpack was run and I do fear young Wright will be disappointed in his ‘sideways move’ from the Ratpack to NRL. Manly might be a powerhouse, but even they can’t compete with the Ratpack’s four premierships and two runner’s up flags in 10 years. When Tommy decides to hang up his boots in 12-15 years time, there’ll always be a spot on our roster for him.


Tom is a true gentleman with impeccable manners to go with his sporting talent. I wish him so much success.


As a friend I’m so excited for him and I know all our touch footy team are over the moon.


Congratulations Tom Wright and we can’t wait to see you play soon!

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