January 15, 2016

I wonder what predictions I can get wrong this week! 


My Bengals Super Bowl tip went well, but by now people know to bet against whatever I say! 


The favourites should all win this week. 


The Steelers will prove that they are malleable and not made of steel and if you are going to have a bet this weekend look at Denver 13+. Specials! Put your superannuation on it or at least one year of your child’s school fees on it – about the same anyway! 


Patriots V Chiefs will be closer than people think. Kansas City can’t win (Kingston Town can’t win), so expect the Chiefs to produce their best game of the year and come away with the points! New England should be too powerful and with all their players coming back expect the Pats of 6 weeks ago! 


The NFC is a little harder. The Arizona Cardinals are a complete team. They have been building for this and I’m really on this team! Unfortunately they have one man in their way. Aaron Rodgers. He’s finding form again and if he runs hot the Packers are in for a real show. 


The final game will be a belter! This will be better than the Super Bowl. Whoever wins this game wins the one in Feb too. The Panthers are the best team in the competition. All the churches out there will be ringing their bells and everyone living in their exotic smallville homes will be celebrating if they get up. But… The Seahawks just know how to win. They play ugly and then get a lucky bounce of the ball or the quarterback misses a snap and it becomes their best play of a game. This game will come down to Cam Newton. If he doesn’t get overawed they will win. I hope he doesn’t but I have a horrible feeling he will. 


Out of respect for my friend who is a Panthers fan, I’m going for Seattle, which should ensure a Carolina win. 

Enjoy week two of the playoffs! 

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