January 13, 2016

And then there were 8 teams left!


It was one of the most dramatic wildcard weekends in quite some time. A few coaches will be struggling to understand how their teams lost still. A few players will be baffled how their hands became so slippery at such ill-opportune times and one kicker will be working on his resume for the Canadian Football League.


Kansas City were definitely the top Chief in their massacre. Ah Houston, we have a problem. Houston, we have a massive problem. The problem is Houston were in the playoffs and had no right to be. They were simply disgraceful. Brian Hoyer is one of the best quarterbacks in the world. In fact, he’s ranked in the top 32 in the world. He has a job at one of the biggest franchises in not just North America, but the world. I think that says more about the lack of quarterbacks on this planet. Any kids reading this, put down your cricket bat and bench your Steeden for a pig skin. There’s a lot of money to be made from mediocre quarterbacks.


I hate seeing people fail in life and when they are sportspeople completely in the spotlight, it’s even worse. Brian Hoyer will be ridiculed for a long time for one of the worst performances ever seen in Playoff Football.

The Chiefs are on a double digit winning streak. They came and went in Houston. Their Jewell of the Nile, Knile Davis returned the kick off for a touchdown and this set the tone of the game.


The Packers came to life and learnt to run, throw and catch again. Three elements which are important in the NFL. The Redskins on the other hand forgot how to do this. Washington weren’t a good team and in a division which noone wanted to win, they got a home playoff. They had their chances and will feel disappointed they let an opportunity slip by.


And now onto two of the strangest games of football I’ve seen!


Let’s start with the Bengals, who were chasing their first play off win in 26 years V the Steelers. Pittsburgh were up when their quart back got injured. Enter Landry Jones ; the backup. The Steelers were held scoreless allowing Cincinnati to hit the lead with very little time on the clock. As I had the Bengals in a multi I was riding them! They hit the lead with under 2 min to go! I was counting my pennies. When the Steelers back up QB was intercepted, I started spending my earnings. Enter Jeremy Hill from the Bengals. He fumbled the ball, somehow, giving Pittsburgh one last chance. Big Ben came back on and battled through his injury. And then the most I’ll discipline I’ve ever seen on a sporting field occurred. Firstly a Steelers coach pulled the hair of a Bengals player! Yes, you read that correctly. And then a Bengals player tried to take off the head of star Steelers player, Antonio Brown. This coupled with a complete tantrum from another Bengals player gave the Steelers a 30 yard penalty and then kicked an easy  field goal to adadvance.


But field goal are never easy. Poor Blair Walsh from the Vikings will agree with this. With 26 secs to go he had the chance to kick Minnesota into the next round and send the Seahawks back to Seattle. He’d been clutch all game as exhibited by the below tweet from this twit!




He’d been one of the best kickers all year and in – 25 degree temperatures had been nailing them from all parts of the field.


But, with the game on his boot and simple chip kick coming up,  he drilled his field goal kick so far left it ended up in a new post code.


I’m not going to show the missed kick or the Bengals disaster, as I don’t want to get in the habit of showing sports peoples mistakes.


It was a truly wild weekend of Wildcard football!


Who knows what will happen this weekend…

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