May 12, 2015

Most men don’t want their balls deflated, unless your name is Tom Brady who is already married to glamour girl, Gisele.


Deflategate has certainly been pumped up and the name given to the Patriots, Deflatriots certainly got out of control.


The Patriots organisation was cleared of any wrong doing over deflating balls in their play off game against the Colts, however they have still been severely punished. Their punishment was for not fully cooperating with the Ted Wells investigation.


They lost their first round pick for next year, their fourth round pick in 2017 and they got a $1 million fine. Not dirt cheap. Together with this, Tom Brady received a four match ban for the upcoming season.



I think Roger Goodell is the greatest sports administrator I have ever seen and I applaud him for this harsh penalty. He has set an example to every other team- just stick to the rules.


Goodell makes teams and individuals pay for their mistakes in the back pocket and on the field. He may have his haters, but he is strong. Many codes should copy his example and he runs the NFL in a very strong and disciplined manner. Please NRL, AFL and the A-League, take a leaf out of his book and impose harsher penalties on teams and players. Set an example and scare organisations off from doing the wrong thing.


I don’t want to pump up Goodell’s tyres anymore, but if anyone can tell me a stronger leader in any organisation, I’d love to hear.



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