April 30, 2015

Draft is normally associated with beer in Australia. But in America, Draft Day is like the 17th game of the season. It’s huge! Draft day can make or break a team. Your picks can influence your franchise for many years to come. San Diego famously tried to turn a new leaf when they drafted Ryan Leaf, behind some other quarterback you may have heard of, Peyton Manning. The old fella is still playing while Leaf has seen many different shades of Autumn in and out of jail.


The Patriots also picked up a nobody player called Tom Brady in the 6th round of the draft and we all know that turned out pretty well.


The first round though is where it’s all meant to happen and the best of the best from college, have their life changed by millions of dollars, instant stardom and a life we mortals could only dream of.


Whichever team has the worst record at the end of the regular season gets the first pick and the team which wins the Super Bowl gets the 32nd pick.


The 2nd pick is the most interesting, The Titans have this currently, but I doubt very strongly they will use it, instead preferring to trade it to the Eagles for Sam Bradford and plenty of other picks!

Here are my picks for the top 10 and then for the most important pick of the draft, the 17th pick, for the San Diego Chargers. I will get the first pick correct and after that, it’s a lottery!


1. Buccaneers- Jameis Winston QB
2. Eagles (from Titans)- Marcus Mariota QB
3. Jaguars- Donte Fowler Jnr OLB
4. Raiders- Amari Cooper WR
5. Redskins- Vic Beasley LB
6. Jets- Todd Gurley RB
7. Bears- Kevin White WR
8. Falcons- Leonard Williams DL
9. Giants- Brandon Scherff OG
10. Rams- Ereck Flowers OT
17. Chargers- Melvin Gordon RB


Happy draft day!

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