27 Jan 2016

This whole Mitchell Pearce story is very strange, from so many aspects. I'm not going to talk about what actually happend. But...


Who is the winner out of this?

  • The NRL- not great for the game before the 9's or the start of the NRL season. Not a winner

  • Sydney R...

24 Jan 2016

We are one more game away from the Super Bowl. There are three, first round pick quarterbacks competing in the Championship games and then some other 6th round hack, called Tom Brady. The scene is set for an incredible penultimate weekend!


Brady is taking his Patriots...

24 Jan 2016

The Hussey brothers are up against each other today in the final of the most successful season of the Big Bash League, yet. 


The MCG attracted 80, 000 people a few weeks back and who’s to say this won’t happen again. 


David Hussey leads the Melbourne Stars while his br...

21 Jan 2016

Mistaken identities can be very funny. I constantly get stopped and asked "are you Wesley Snipes?". 


I actually have a friend who often gets Matt Damon and to be fair, it's not too bad a doppelganger. 




A woman from the US became famous on social media with a mistaken...

19 Jan 2016

The Duckworth Lewis rule is the crazy system which works out how many runs a cricket team needs for victory after a rain delay. Basically you divide the opening batsmen's average score on Angry Birds, add this to the sum of all their kids birthdays and finally subtract...

15 Jan 2016

I wonder what predictions I can get wrong this week! 


My Bengals Super Bowl tip went well, but by now people know to bet against whatever I say! 


The favourites should all win this week. 


The Steelers will prove that they are malleable and not made of steel and if you...

13 Jan 2016

And then there were 8 teams left!


It was one of the most dramatic wildcard weekends in quite some time. A few coaches will be struggling to understand how their teams lost still. A few players will be baffled how their hands became so slippery at such ill-opportune tim...

9 Jan 2016

Finally it's here. Playoff time for the NFL. It's the greatest time of the calendar year.


32 teams have been whittled down to 12. My Chargers are not one of these 12 teams and they are still celebrating Mad Monday (possibly in LA).


Teams have been divided into conferen...

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