N O W! Communications is a company specialising in strategic Sports and Lifestyle Communications.


We formulate specific Public Relations campaigns and event ideation.


For sporting clubs we have developed a unique formula to help maintain major sponsorships. It’s easier for sporting clubs to keep sponsors and through a combination of Public Relations, around the ground activations and event ideation, N O W! Communications will assist a sports club to re-sign their major sponsors.


For organisations involved in sports sponsorship, N O W! will teach you how to maximise your investment making it a complete success and ensuring branding, awareness and sales objectives are met.


As time changes, so does a brand's needs and this is why we work with lifestyle organisations to create strategies, programs, activations and events that open them to brand new markets.

We generate excitement, position our clients as authorities in their field, drive change in consumer habits and encourage trial of lifestyle products and services.







WHY N O W! ? 





We only do one thing. We do it well. We get results N O W!




With a database of 750,000 journalists worldwide, no country is safe from our media placement. It’s important to be seen within your industry media, but it's even more important to be seen in the ‘news’ sections of the media.

We will:

• Generate media coverage that drives sales

• Create media footprints that increase SEO

• Drive participants or spectators to venues or events

• Encourage new users to trial products or services

• Create interactive media conferences 

• Develop activations that lead to new databases being developed



N O W! can make going to a sporting event more than just about a game.


Branded activations that involve interaction and participation make attending a game of sport a more complete experience for patrons. Children can be delighted and rewarded by group activities which provide compelling reasons for their parents to attend another sporting match.


Let N O W! take the lead on activations that will give sponsors a presence at sporting events guaranteed to entertain and engage consumers.


Apart from driving brand recall and recognition, the whole day will now be an ‘experience’.







Traditionally media conferences are hosted in a closed room in an office with a media backdrop.


What does this actually do for any brand or sponsor?


It doesn’t assist with branding, association or sales. It’s just how media conferences are ‘told’ to be done.


N O W! will work with organisations to completely reinvent media conferences as a branding and engagement event that deliver on marketing and sales objectives.





N O W! can plan, execute and review events around your goals.


From intimate events designed to build relationships to larger scale events designed to distribute products for consumers to trial, or garner national media attention, N O W! will project manage this.


N O W! will identify target groups for you to plan events around or organise events that open new business opportunities for you and develop new databases.








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